The “BE” side  The bonus tracks to your next record
The Dj Organization that  promotes well being.

About The BE Side

What is the BE Side

Established in 2023, The BE side is an organization of content creators who perform virtually and in person globally that vow to promote advancement, scholarships, well-being, awareness and youth collaborations through the performing arts lifestyle.

What is our vision

To allow people who love performing to explore new projects in various fields, obtain job placement and enhance their well being through music wellness activities, awards, educational and enrichment opportunities.

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What is our Mission

  • To offer professional development in the creative arts field to members for advancement (To Members) 
  • To uplift and support upcoming events and networking events with affiliated members. (To Members) 
  • To offer scholarships to individuals in the performing arts field.  
  • To offer Music wellness activities  to the public and members. 
  • To offer Performances and outreach support in the creative arts field to non profit organizations/and communities in need. 
  • To offer performing arts instruction to students ages 3-18 through public performances and workshops. 

The Challenge

  • I Need a performer who will volunteer to raise funds for my charity? 
  • I Need an instructor in the performing arts field to teach students during or after school.
  • I am a member or non performer, but also in need of music wellness activities . 
  • I would like to learn how to perform effectively for my market of interest (virtual, IRL, locally  etc.) 

Our Solution

The BE side is an organization of performing artists who have vowed to promote advancement, well-being, scholarships, youth collaborations and awareness through the fine and performing arts lifestyle.

Who We Are