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Youth Collaboration




Media specialist Mixdays is a 2 – 4hr workshop held for members that wish to advance their media in the dj and fine and performing arts field. Each workshop is provided by members and volunteers that will share their expertise or resolutions with scenarios as it relates to performing in the virtual or in person realm of performance.Workshops will be provided either virtual from the www.beside.org website or at a local space within the Baltimore or New York areas of the upcoming meetups to provide members with access to a wider network of resources and professionals.


Virtual DJ’s and streamers will collaborate to raise funds for various organizations that benefit autism awareness, breast cancer, heart association, information and assistance to families and more.

A group of individuals consisting of content creators, DJ’s and streamers who either have family members or work directly with individuals that are diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

The “BE” side will provide assistance in coordinating schedules for the event and recruiting streamers. Promoting the event, communicating, distributing marketing assets(i.e. Flyers, overlays, emotes, fundraising links, creating verbiage for chat timers and creating sign up sheets) to those involved and assisting in raising funds as well as providing additional resources to the group where needed. During the events we will also help to keep track of program scheduling, assist with updates on fundraising goals and communicate them in real time. All funding for this event is raised by our members and the public.



Well-Being Events